Field Test: Yamaha DM1000

By John McJunkin | Nov 01, 2003

Ten years ago, there were no digital mixers in the 5-figure range, but that changed with the introduction of Yamaha's 02R. This product's lineage has been tremendously successful and continues to...

API Audio Vision

By Editors | Oct 03, 2003

The new 24-bus Vision Surround Mixing Console features three stereo mix buses, a dedicated 5-channel surround mix bus and 10 aux buses.

Field Test: Dangerous Music Monitor, MQ, 2-Bus and Mixer

By Barry Rudolph | Oct 01, 2003

Dangerous Music is leading the way to a brave new world with a line of professional recording studio interfacing tools that facilitate the highest-quality sound of music recorded and mixed inside...

Field Test: Stage Tec Aurus

By Rob Alexander | Oct 01, 2003

With a heritage that includes the groundbreaking Cantus and Cinetra digital mixing consoles, in 10 short years, Stage Tec has significantly influenced both the inward and outward design of digital...

Solid State Logic C200 Digital Console

BY ROB ALEXANDER | May 01, 2003

It's not often that a manufacturer such as SSL produces an entirely new concept in digital console technology, and it's even rarer for a writer to become overexcited about a new console. Yet, both...

Solid State Logic C100


Designed for fast-paced, on-air work and live-to-tape studio production, the new-generation SSL C100 is a scalable, small-footprint digital console that takes an innovative approach to assignability.


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