Cool Spin: Joe Goddard, 'Electric Lines'

Joe Goddard is possibly the most prolific of Hot Chip’s members. Electric Lines is Goddard’s second solo album, following 2009s Harvest Festival on his own Greco-Roman label. He’s also worked on numerous other productions with Raf Rundell as Two Bears, as well as on his own, not to men- tion countless popular remixes. Electric Lines gets its fuel from a Eurorack synthesizer, propelling its dancefloor-lite sounds that stay far removed from big builds and drops.

Goddard hosts a slew of guest vocalists on these electronic-pop creations and utilizes instantly recognizable samples from classic favorites. The EmotionsI Don’t Want to Lose Your Love on his song “Lose Your Love,” Brainstorm’s “We’re on Our Way Home on “Home, and Celada’s “Music Is the Answer on the slow-grooving song of the same name. These samples ground Goddard’s emotive, modern interpretations. In contrast, the instrumental “Lasers is tethered by a formidable, rumbling bass line that’s capable of shaking any dance floor. Goddard himself sings on a few of the songs, giving them a tender, ballad-like quality. Electric Lines slots tidily in with other thought- and emotion-provoking dance-based album; think Jamie xx’s In Colour.

Producer: Joe Goddard/Joe’s Basement. Mixers: Goddard, David Kennedy, David Wrench, Alex Tepper, Eric Kupper, Oliver Wright, Richard Norris, Steve Dubs, Tom Elmhirst. Mastering: Matt Colton, Alchemy (London, UK).

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