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Streaming Playback
Over Bluetooth 
The BT-500 from Heritage Audio ($199) connects mo- bile devices to the professional studio environment via Bluetooth. Using the latest Bluetooth technology and high-quality Burr Brown–based analog signal path, the BT-500 can tether to devices over 100 meters away. The unit delivers a fully balanced +22dB signal streamed over the nearly lossless aptX codec (Android), the AAC codec (iOS), or Low Complexity Subband Codec (SBC). 

High-End Monitors for Studio, Post, Mastering
The MB3-A ($59,000) and BB6 XBD-A ($115,000) feature PMC’s hand-built, precision-matched 34mm soft-dome tweeter and legendary 75mm fabric midrange driver cou- pled with the latest generation of the Radial low-frequency driver built specifically for use with PMC’s ATL™ designs. Available as single- or twin-cabinet (XBD) versions, the PMC BB6 offers digital and analog inputs and is designed for freestanding or soffit-mounted use. The MB3 features a 12-inch and the BB6 a 15-inch Radial driver; teamed with the ATL, these exhibit a flat response down to 20 Hz and 17 Hz, respectively. Each channel of the MB3-A, MB3 XBD-A and BB6-A is powered by a single Control 1200 and a Power 2400 unit, which supplies 2400W to the bass driver (and to the XBD unit on the MB3 XBD-A).

New Converters, Connectivity, Processing
The Antelope Audio Orion Studio 2017 ($2,395) boasts new A/D conversion chips capable of 124 dB of dynamic range and 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter-management technology. Other features include talkback, four DIs, two transformer-based reamp outputs, dual headphone outs, and WC I/O. Also onboard are 12 preamps, 16 analog outputs including dual mastering-grade monitor outputs allowing switching between two speaker pairs. ADAT and S/PDIF digital I/O allows for additional channels to be delivered via Thunderbolt or USB 2.0. The unit supports a growing library of FPGA-based effects without sacrificing the generous 40 EQ instances the hardware offers.

Class A Circuit, Twin Outputs With Lundahl Xformer
The TK Audio SP501 ($799) is a single-slot 500 Series Class-A unit offering both vintage and modern circuits derived from TK’s DP1 stereo preamp. The SP501’s input stage is built around a high-quality Swedish Lundahl transformer, followed by a Germanium stage that adds more harmonics. Two different output stages can be selected—an electronically balanced stage or a discrete transformer-balanced class-A stage sporting a Carnhill output transformer. Also onboard is a sweepable HPF from 30 Hz to 400 Hz.

Mid- to High-Band Problem Solver 
The Gotham N23 Quadratic Skyline Diffusor ($358 per pair) has a working range from 1,250 Hz to 9,500 Hz with scattering effects down to 650 Hz. Each 23.5-inch unit is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and can be easily mounted without using destructive adhesives.


Customizable, Modular Package for Live and Install
The Axis Mixing System from Mackie ($5,899.97) features the DL32R 32-channel digital mixer with iPad control, DC16 controller, and Dante expansion card. The DL32R features 32 Onyx+ preamps and DSP offering EQ, gating, and compression/limiting onboard, as well as delay and reverb. Other features include direct-to-disk multitrack recording and playback and functionality as a USB 2.0 interface for a Mac or PC. The DC16 controller features fast and efficient visual feedback via SmartBridge technology. The included DL32R Dante card connects the DC16 control surface to the DL32R and allows for digital audio connectivity offering a dedicated Wi-Fi control port that eliminates the need for an Ethernet switch.

Affordable 5- and 8-inch Self-Powered Speakers
The new F5 studio monitor from Fluid Audio ($299.99) features a 5-inch low-frequency driver with composite paper cones and a 1-inch treated silk-dome tweeter biamped by 70 watts of Class A/B power. Other features include a front-loaded slot port, magnetic shielding to eliminate interference from other electronic equipment, and XLR balanced, ¼-inch balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs. The larger FX8 ($249.99) offers an 8-inch low-frequency driver and a 1.2-inch treated silk-dome tweeter powered by 130 watts of Class A/B power. Both speakers offer fader volume control on the front baffle and ampli- fier standby mode that powers down the amp when no input signal is detected.

Stackable I/O Featuring XMAX Preamps
The 26x32-channel Quantum from PreSonus ($999.95) features 24- bit, 192kHz converters with 120 dB of dynamic range and PreSonus’ recallable XMAX microphone preamps. Up to four Quantum inter- faces can be stacked via Thunderbolt to create a 96x96 system. Fea- tures include two combo mic/instrument/line inputs and six combo mic/line inputs, each with a digitally controlled XMAX preamp and switchable +48V phantom power. Outputs include two ¼-inch TRS main outs, eight ¼-inch TRS line outputs and two independent headphone outs with dedicated volume controls expandable to an additional 18 outputs via ADAT Optical I/O and S/PDIF stereo dig- ital I/O. Quantum owners get the Studio Magic plug-in suite free and can upgrade to Studio One Professional for 50% off.

4-Inch, Single Driver With Options 
The new Reftone passive monitor is a svelte (5x5x5.5 inches) cube offering clear, mid- range-exposed sound without losing low-end presence. The pair comes in a number of shipping options including the 2LD stereo pair ($379); 2LD mono cube ($179); LD-8SC with a 15x10-inch SKB case and Dayton DTA-120 amp ($599); and the LD-8LC including a 20x11-inch SKB case, plus backpack and Dayton DTA-120 amp ($799).

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