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EQ Plug-in With Analog Attitude
PSPaudioware has released preQursor2, a specialized EQ plug-in with uniquely designed filters with low resonance peaks that reduce ringing artifacts ($69; free crossgrade). Features include modeling of the preamplifier and filters to accurately re-create an analog-like behavior controlled per instance, or globally per group of instances. The result allows the user to virtually create the input console for all tracks in a mix with easy and convenient controls.

Update Brings 60 New Features
PreSonus has released Studio One 3.5 ($399.95; free upgrade Studio 1 3.0), bringing 60 new features and enhancements, including native low-latency software monitoring and Dropout Protection. Other features include a completely revised Project page with file-independent track markers and updated loudness detection and display to meet the latest loudness metering standards; a revised Spectrum meter offers several new features, including Segments and 12th Oc.tave views (a convenient keyboard scale).

Tactile DAW and Plug-in Control
Icon Pro Audio’s QCon Pro X ($899.99) features nine touch-sensitive motorized faders (10-bit resolution), eight rotary dual-function encoders, a 12-segment LED meter bridge and a Dual 2.56 large backlit LCD. Interchangeable DAW specific modules and overlays allow the surface to control Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Reaper, Studio One and Bitwig. QCon Pro X also provides tactile control of VST, RTAS, Direct X and AU Plug-ins. Dial in EQ frequencies, Q or gain with the rotary encoders.

Sturdy, Affordable Signal Router
Bit Tree’s PS4825F patch bay ($624) enables users to define and alter their audio signal flow easily between equipment or around the studio. Features include 48 TT (Bantam) connectors in a 2x24 configuration, with DB25 rear connectors for interfacing with Avid Pro Tools and Tascam gear. The sturdy PS4825F offers a metal front panel; solid-gold switching contacts are welded and electrically bonded to the leaf springs, providing superior durability and higher electrical current ratings. 

Immersive Content Distribution Software
The DTS:X Creator Suite ($3,995) provides professional content creators the ability to mix and deliver immersive DTS audio content for cinema, Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and other formats and services. Features include MDA Tools with full DTS:X ecosystem support based on a royalty-free, open standard audio technology, support for up to 11.1-channel and object-based encoding, and cre.ation of DTS Headphone:X content for Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray.

Affordable Hardware/Software Mixing System
Softube Console 1 Mk II ($499) features support for 60 UAD Powered Plug-Ins from Universal Audio. Plug-ins are all pre-mapped and easily selectable, so no MIDI mapping is necessary. Other features include control over input gain, volume, pan, and solo/mute switches for each channel, plus the ability to group multiple channels for making level changes or EQ tweaks to multiple tracks.

Machine Control and Sync for Pro Tools
Specifically for use with the Neve DFC3D digital film console, the DAWSYNC plug-in (free) provides an elegant, simple solution for Ma.chine Control integration with Pro Tools. The plug-in provides instant lock from the Pro Tools timeline to the DFC3D automation so that au.dio, video, and console automation instantly roll together without any delay, and without complicated sync setups. Features include a virtual 9-pin interface for transport commands, track arming, and PEC/Direct switching, plus a direct connection to the DFC3D via Ethernet.

GUI and Operational Improvements
Revoice Pro 3.3 (free update) brings major upgrades to level and pitch editing, along with a processing in.tensity display showing the amount of editing the APT and Warp processes apply to the signal, selection-based processing in Logic Pro 10.3, high-speed, automated workflow for Studio One 3.3.4, and further improvements in workflow and audio processing quality.

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