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Jain Goes Solo In The States

Jeanne Galice, aka Jain, performed at The Crocodile in Seattle, Wash., in March 2017

French singer-songwriter Jeanne Galice, who performs using the stage name Jain, embarked on her first U.S. solo tour this spring, supported by sound companies Dushow Paris and Solotech.

Derya Uzun mixes front of house. Jain took the stage with a four piece band for her European dates, but she’s touring solo in the United States, where Uzun is carrying only her Ableton Live setup, two Universal Audio Apollo 8 interfaces (along with a UAD Apollo 16) and a Radial SW8 8-channel audio switcher that allows for automatic switching between the main and spare computer. Additional must-have  touring equipment includes a wireless vocal mic (Shure UR2 with DPA d:facto head), an Audix OM7 microphone for loop vocal, Radial J48 for acoustic guitar, two Neumann KM184 for ambience miking, and two Shure PSM1000 and Earsonics IEMs. The rest is provided by each venue.

We need to travel light and always rely on the mixing desk provided by the venue,” Uzun explains. “So, to have consistency of sound for each show, I bring my Apollo 16 with a lot of plug-ins to add space and warmth to my mix.

I use EMT 250 and Lexicon 224 [reverbs] for vocals, EMT 140 plate on some drum stems, Eventide H910 as a vocal harmonizer, UA 610 Tube preamp for loop vocal, [Roland] RE201 tape echo, UAD Precision limiter, and I have an OTO BIM Delay, too.” Uzun also mixes Jain’s monitors from his FOH console, which, of course, varies from venue to venue.

“Whats been challenging on this tour is to adapt the show each day and keep consistency for the sound with multiple different configurations,” Uzun concludes. “Jain’s sound must be warm and powerful with a lot of dynamics, Uzun continues. I also need to have her voice in the right place in the mix because that’s the most important thing. So I deal with compression and EQ to have a good base shape for the music, then I work with a lot of effects during each song to make her voice shine. Jain is a fantastic performer  with a great voice, amazing talent and generosity.”

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