TEC Expansion

Mexico’s Banda Sinfónica del Tlalnepantla in session in TEC’s new Studio A, a scoring room with variable acoustics and space to accommodate groups of up to 50 musicians.

Studio A is the TEC State of Mexico campus’ flagship. Major equipment in Control Room A includes a 32-fader Euphonix Fusion console, three Neve 1073 modules, Ocean Way HR-3 main monitors powered by QSC amplifiers, and Pro Tools HDX-2 system.

The 20 x 14-foot Production Studio 1 adjoins control rooms 1 and 2. Control Room 2 (20 x 20 feet) also adjoins Production Studio 2. A third tracking space (20 x 8 feet) is situated between Production Control Rooms 3 and 4.

Adjacent to Studio 1, Production Control Room 1 includes an Avid C-24 control surface and Pro Tools HD Native. Monitoring is via Adam Audio S4X-H loudspeakers. Outboard gear includes a Bricasti M-7 Stereo Reverb Processor and Universal Audio 1176.

General Floor Plan

Production Studio 3 is shared by Control Rooms 3 and 4. Production Control Room 3 features an API 3208, while the identical Production Control Room 4 offers an SSL Nucleus.