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Delta H Design Inc. Announces Product Data Sheets

11/16/2017 4:45 PM

[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces Product Data Sheets for the entire line of ZR Acoustics® quantum devices. 

Easily accessible on DHDI’s website, Product Data Sheets, provide detailed information on ZR Acoustics® products at your fingertips all in one simple, clean, cut sheet. Helpful information such as dimensions, weight, Acoustic Resolution, Absorption Coefficient, cost and more are all included on the Product Data Sheets. 

Architects, Consultants and Designers can easily find and download every specification on ZR Acoustics® devices. Product Data Sheets provide accessibility to specifications quickly and efficiently for anyone interested in learning about the only Quantum Acoustic Devices available on the market today.

ZR Acoustics® devices are legendary for creating Life-Like Imaging, Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots, Extraordinary Definition and Clarity. Easy to set up, lightweight & portable, ZR devices provide freedom and versatility to write, record, mix and master; Anywhere, Anytime                                                 

ZR Acoustics® Features and Benefits:

  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Life-Life Imaging
  • Acoustical Cloaking
  • Micro Dynamic Clarity
  • Immersive Sound
  • Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles and Colors
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ to 450+NPS/ft.2 = Hundreds of Non-Parallel surfaces in every square foot.
  • Easy to Setup, Lightweight, Transportable, Reusable. Anywhere, Anytime.

 “As acoustics becomes more prescient in the world of architecture, we continue to receive more requests for specifications and data. Product data sheets are convenient, effective and efficient in communicating what people need to know in an easy to read format.” - Hanson Hsu – CEO and Principal Acoustician at DHDI | Delta H Design Inc.

Please see DHDI’s Product Data Sheets at

To experience ZR Acoustics online please see ZR Live! at For more information on ZR Acoustics® visit DHDI website at or contact DHDI directly at All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.