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Wes Maebe

Wes “Wesonator” Maebe is a recording/mix/mastering/live sound engineer and producer. When he's not cooking up mixes in his London-based mix room, The Sonic Cuisine, Wes can be found working in studios across the globe or behind a Front-of-House console somewhere.

Advanced Audio MT8016 Preamp

I’ve been using Advanced Audio’s microphones for a while now. Designer Dave Thomas’ forte is making classic mics that are true to the vintage character but with a fresh, modern twist. But when designers build amazing mics, a preamp is never far away, and the folks at Advanced Audio have unleashed the MT8016.It was Joseph Magee, a scoring engineer now in Nashville, who got the ball rolling on......

Universal Apollo 8P Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface

Universal Audio is synonymous with pioneering audio quality on the highest level. We’re all familiar with the company’s extensive hardware outboard range and the groundbreaking work Universal Audio has done on the DSP and plug-in side of our industry. The Apollo 8p is the latest in the company’s I/O range, breaking new ground while maintaining the quality users now expect. ......

On the Cover: Synchron Stage Vienna

Austrian-based Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH, one of the industry’s leading sample library and music production software developers, does not do things by halves. The VSL sample packs, known for their accurate, nuanced sounds, are used in some form by a majority of the top film composers worldwide. ......

NAMM’s Hidden Gems

At every single trade show, you think, “Surely I won’t find anything else I need.” And without fail, you walk away with a wish list that makes your bank manager weep. Here are some choice products I found at Winter NAMM 2016. ......

Build Your Own (Mostly) Analog Studio for $100,000

It’s that time of year where a couple of us at Mix get to put together a recording setup for a specific price. Once again I’ve been put in charge of the full analog studio for $100K. Let’s assume we already have our computer and furniture in place, ready to be loaded up with amazing analog gear. ......